Run by one of the most knowledgeable and kind individuals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Jaimee is incredibly approachable and more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns one may have. She is always willing to tailor the training methods and tactics used in class to match each client's needs and/or limitations, no matter the challenge. I never feel even the slightest bit left out or excluded from exercises made difficult by my physical limitations and medical equipment (such as my wheelchair and oxygen), and she always goes above and beyond to ensure that classes are both safe and accessible for all. We originally enrolled more for the socialization/exposure aspect than anything else, but I very quickly grew to respect her immensely. I hope to continue working with "In Dog We Trust" for a long time to come, as Jaimee has been utterly indispensable in helping to lay the foundation for me and my puppy's future. - Tayana and Sagan

I have taken a wide variety of classes with both of my dogs. We have had lots of fun, and I have seen great progress in my boys. They have extremely different personalities and training needs, and In Dog We Trust has catered to our needs for the last year and a half. We highly recommend giving a class a try! The people and dogs are just great to be with! - Kate, Cole and Brody

I have attended Jaimee’s classes every session since she began teaching at Wag It, and I can enthusiastically recommend her classes because of her knowledge, patience, and teaching style, which are just some of her many teaching qualities.

Jaimee’s knowledge of how to get the dog behavior you want is obvious in class.   After presenting a concept to the class, she gives us time to work on it and then time to individually demonstrate our progress.  If an individual team is having difficulty, she will break the steps down further to make it possible for that team to be successful—always encouraging.   Often, she will use her dog Ella to demonstrate the desired behavior, which is very helpful.  She is always willing and able to answer any questions students have about the training procedure. 

She gives her attention to each team as they practice and gives positive comments on their performance, as well as constructive suggestions for improvement, always realizing that each team is unique.  Although she assigns and encourages practice at home, she understands that it is not always possible for every team to do that.  And, she recognizes that every student’s goal is different and that not all students are taking classes so they can compete.  I take classes to keep my dog, a rescue dog who is now 11, interested and to keep her mind and body active.  I think it does the same for me.

Jaimee bases her training on positive reinforcement for both the handler and the dog.  She has a lesson plan prepared for each class and the equipment is ready for the start of class.  After each class, she sends an e-mail recapping what we did in class, and listing what we should practice for the next class.  She is always cheerful and enthusiastic.

These are some of the many reasons that I continue to take classes.  I always feel good after class and feel that my dog and I have accomplished something—it’s fun to be in Jaimee’s classes. - Marilyn & Lacey

Abigail, my black lab, and I joined Jaimee Hinkley’s Wag It Games class at a time when I was feeling very discouraged with not having time to work with her as much as I should and feeling that Abigail would probably not fit into any class situation. Abigail’s and my situation is complicated by the fact that she is very reactive to other dogs having had a very bad experience as a young dog.  We found that Jaimee’s classes are so well managed and individualized to each owner and dog’s needs that within a VERY short time, Abigail became very excited to go to classes.  Each and every class focuses on offering each and every attendee a positive experience.  Each class is chock full of so much fun that you hardly know that you are training. 

As a certified dog trainer myself for over ten years in private training practice and a Wag It Games Instructor and Judge, I can highly recommend Jaimee as not only extremely knowledgeable, creative, understanding of individual team needs, and accommodating, but also as a genuinely positive resourceful person that will help you have a wonderful, and FUN experience while you learn techniques that really work.

I hope to continue joining your classes for years to come, Jaimee.  The best to you and happy training. - Rita & Abigail

I can't sing Jaimee and In Dog We Trust's praises enough! I had been taking my puppy to training class at a local establishment thinking it was really my only option in the area. After taking 2 classes there, I found In Dog We Trust online, and I must say that I wish I had seen their website sooner! We are just completing our first training class with Jaimee, and I am beyond pleased with the environment, Jaimee's knowledge of large breed dogs (she has small Jack Russells herself), her positive attitude, and training techniques. My current dog is going to become a regular student, and I can't wait for the puppy we pick up in a few days to start his education with In Dog We Trust! I will be referring everyone I know with a dog here! - Melissa, Oliver & Bowdoin

Jaimee and I have worked together teaching and I have recently taken some FUN classes at In Dog We Trust. She is very knowledgeable in Positive Reinforcement Training and likes to help people find the joy in dog training! - Annette, Grace & Julio